Sunday, November 7, 2010

Commitment – How Committed Are You?

I haven’t worked for some time now – 6 months to be exact.

That isn’t to say that I haven’t worked at all for the past 6 months, I have in fact taken care of a couple of smaller one-off projects since leaving my last full-time contracted job earlier this year.

However, it has been 6 months since I left my last significant project, where I was responsible for overseeing 3 existing Hotels, while opening a 4th Hotel for the same company.

As often happens when you find yourself with some time in between projects, you have the time to reflect on a number of factors that you wouldn’t otherwise either have the time to think about, or, you just wouldn’t necessarily be thinking about these things in the course of your normal day.

Such is the case with me and the topic of commitment.

As I said, I haven’t had a full-time, continuous project or job for the last 6 months.

That doesn’t mean that I haven’t had opportunities or job offers since leaving my last job.

I have in fact had about a half dozen offers or opportunities in the last 6 months, but they weren’t right for me, and as a result, it simply wouldn’t have been right to pursue them.

It wouldn’t have been fair to my prospective employer.

Along the way, I’ve had people say to me; “why don’t you take the job, and then you can look for something better?”

Even as I write that statement, I can’t fathom the concept, and yet I know that people do this, every day – they settle.  They settle for less than what they are capable of, and, for less than their employer deserves, which is a 100% commitment.

You see, when I take something on, I am committed to it, 100%. 

I am committed to my team, to my Brand, to my Owner, to everyone and everything that encompasses that job and what it means to take it on with velocity and integrity.

So how could I take a job, only to use it as a springboard to get a better job?

And what does that say about my level of commitment, (and integrity I might add), when I am discussing my “next” job with my next prospective employer, and he or she invariably asks me why I want to leave my current position?

Can you imagine looking across the boardroom table and saying; “oh, I only took that job while I was looking for a better job.”

Outstanding!  Now there’s a person that I want to hire, right now – NOT.

I also had a very flattering and generous offer to teach, albeit part-time, in a Hospitality Degree program, and I would have enjoyed that for the time being, although as I mentioned, it was only part-time, and it’s not what I am ultimately meant to be doing.

I realized when I sat down to review the situation that I couldn’t accept the position.

In this case, it was because of my commitment to myself and to finding the right opportunity for me, and for my future, for the long-term.

I know myself and my level of commitment well enough to know that if I had taken on the teaching position, I would have dedicated myself to being an exceptional instructor.

I would have been keenly aware that I had a responsibility to my students, to the College faculty and to the reputation of the College, and as a result, I would have been obsessed with the quality and content of my teaching materials, audio visuals, etc…

I knew that I could not accomplish this without sacrificing on my commitment to finding my next long-term project, and as such, I had to regrettably and respectfully decline.

I remain committed to the school, and to continuing on with my advisory, mentorship and occasional speaking engagements for them, and thankfully, they understand the level of commitment that I demonstrate in everything that I do, and it is one of the qualities of mine that has earned their respect.

Commitment is an important quality to me, and it shows in everything that I do.

How committed are you to what you’re doing right now?

And how committed are the people in your organization?

As a Leader, you have a responsibility to inspire those around you.  To create a vision for the future that others want to be a part of.

Can you do that if you aren’t committed to what you are doing? 

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