Monday, May 17, 2010

Culture, Engaging & Inspiring?

Ever wonder why some companies are more successful than others, when they seemingly sell the same product or service?

For me, I have found that the answer is two-fold;

First, they have a company culture that permeates through everything that they do and everyone that they hire, and not just when hiring their own employees, but sub contractors, suppliers, you name it, they go out and find companies with similar values, beliefs, and cultures, and they actively choose to do business with them, because it reinforces their core culture, and,

Second, they have succeeded in getting people emotionally attached to their company or their product, and making those purchases that are driven by our senses, not our rationale being, but rather that part of our brain that says; “I just like doing business with them.”

In my opinion, you can’t have one without the other, because I believe that they are completely intertwined and inseparable.

We can all think of at least one company that does that for us, that we want to do business with because we feel good about them, and doing business with them makes us feel good about ourselves.

I recently saw a great video on this topic by Simon Sinek, (how great leaders inspire), that another blogger shared with me, and I encourage you to watch it, it’s 18 minutes long, but well worth every minute of it.

It really reinforces that people buy why you do what you do, not what you do or how you do it.

It also makes a great distinction between leaders, and those who lead. There are leaders, and then there are those who lead.

Those who lead inspire us.

Those who lead create a culture that empowers and inspires others, inside AND outside their companies. They believe in something and they make us want to believe as well.

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